Random Blog Post Friday | Family Formals

Gasp! I think this is the FIRST family formal I have ever shared 🙂

Almost every potential bride asks me if I take family formals because they have never seen one on my blog or website. The answer is . . . drum roll . . .YES! I wanted to clarify to those wondering, the reason for my blog and website is to showcase my strongest images to inquiring clients. Family formals do not represent the creativity I like to bring to a wedding day, thus the reason I do not post them. Today, I thought I would finally make that change and prove to you all that I do take family formals. 😉

Every bride and groom is different. Some just want to take photos with their parents and grandparents, and others like to take photos with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins. Although family formals are not necessarily the most exciting part of the day, I completely understand and respect that the bride and groom would like to be photographed with their family and loved ones.

Wedding day family photo tips:


Because family photos usually involves a lot of people, communicating and having a schedule of when and where family photos will be taken is very important. (This should be discussed prior to the wedding day)


Wedding schedules do not always go as planned, and you know what? That is OKEY. The best way to avoid the stress of time is by giving yourself a little more than you need. Being stressed on time is not fun for anyone, so if you have extra, that allows for more time to photograph with the bride and groom (we all know that is the best part 🙂 )


Like I said before, family photos are not always everyones favorite part of the day, but with cooperation from everyone involved in the photos, it allows for everyone to finish them up quickly and move on to the fun activities of the wedding day.

(Information for photographers: Image lit with AB800 through large Octobox ; Canon 5D Mark II ; 28mm f/1.8 @ f/8 ; ISO 400 ; Shutter 1/125)

Now give this beautiful family a round of applause for being the first family formal I have shared on my blog. Thanks guys 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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  • Kimberly Chorney - Oh Maggie I am so proud of you, this family formal is beautiful.
    I guess with all professions there are some parts that are more exciting than others, but we must do them all. This portrait is fantastic, well done…. Hey are you still on flickr, I couldn’t find you on there? Enjoyed visiting with you tons the other day, thanks for the talk and listening to me. xo

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