the advantages of a second photographer

When you first start out into the world of wedding photography, budgeting for a second photographer is not always an option. However, once you start building your business and adding a second photographer into your wedding package, you will discover just how wonderful it is to have another photographer along with you on a wedding day! I thought I would share this post for photographers who have never had a second photographer,  and I also want to show my current/future clients the importance of having one. I will admit, I never started using one until the end of my last season when I felt burned out. Having never had one, I felt completely spoiled when I finally did. Now I will never go back to photographing a wedding by myself ever again! 🙂

The reasons why …

1. Less crazy photographers running around to capture every detail: If you are like me, you LOVE capturing every detail of the planning that the bride and groom put into their wedding day. Without a second shooter though, who has all the time to do that? In order to capture the people who are apart of that day, it leaves me running around like a crazy person trying to capture the details in any spare moments. With a second photographer, that was no longer an issue! For example, If I wanted detailed photographs of the reception and still needed to work with the bride and groom, no problem! I would just send my second photographer on over to the reception location to do that while I worked with the couple 🙂

2. More creative eyes: You know the saying “two minds are better than one” ? This is a perfect example of that! We are artists and have moments of drawing a blank with creativity. However, having someone else along who is loving their job as much as you, helps boost creativity as you bounce ideas off one another!

3. More images: The more images you take, the more your client gets, right? CORRECT! It is as simple as that!

4. Story telling — more dimension: Another reason it was so fantastic having someone else photographing along side you is because they are able to document the same exact moments from different angles. It creates the most beautiful stories and I think you will find that to be true in the images below…

5. Less distraction: This kind of goes along with my first point but it is just that important! When you are stressed about capturing everything, it is easy to become so distracted that you forget the importance of why you are at the wedding in the first place … to document the love between the bride and groom 🙂 Having a second photographer allows more time with them and creates a relaxed/calm setting for everyone.

2nd photographer’s view

My view

2nd photographer’s view (left) My view (right)

My view (left) 2nd photographer’s view (right)

I love when my second shooters get creative!

My view (left) 2nd photographer (right)

My view

2nd photographer’s view


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  • elizabeth pellette - fantastic images.. I try to take a second photo with me usually my husband.. and now recently my son.. for shoots..

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