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Oh hey … remember that one time in January when I said I was going to blog my instagram photos on a weekly basis? Yeah, I partly forgot and made no time to make those posts. HOWEVER, that is no longer! I realized that I have really lacked , besides this past week, at making personal posts the way I used to. As much at this blog is for my business and sharing the people I get the chance to photograph, it is also for people to get to know my life outside of what I do for a living. So, since I have not made an instagram post in months, I am going to just catch you up on some of my favorites from the summer 🙂

While making this post, I realized a few things. I eat out a lot, drink a lot of coffee (and find it necessary to document every cup I drink), enjoy taking photos of the sky, and hangout with some pretty awesome people. It’s fun to scroll through photos and see fun memories that remind me just how blessed I am to have the opportunities and people in my life that God has surrounded me with. This summer has been full of friends, laughter, weddings (including my brother’s 🙂 ), and new opportunities. Here’s to appreciating each day we have on this earth!


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  • Alicia - I made it in there two times!!! Wahooo! So blessed by your friendship! Love you Maggs!

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