State Restaurant | Chicago

I have always had an obsession for details since getting into wedding photography a few years ago, so when I was given the opportunity to photograph for a restaurant in Chicago, I took it and ran 🙂 I consider it a blessing when given the chance to go outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a new way. That’s how you grow! This shoot not only allowed me that opportunity but it also ignited my passion for taking photos once again.

State Restaurant, located in Chicago, is a unique venue and bar with a killer menu. I am thrilled to have been able to photograph their entire food selection they offer, and I was lucky enough to have as much creative freedom as I wanted. I cannot wait to see these images on their website, menu, and future phone app!Enjoy some of my favorites!

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  • Robb Davidson - Great, now I’m hungry. This shoot was MADE for you and what you do! Awesome.

  • mary dougherty - YUM! I hope they feed you too – this all looks delicious!

  • Naomi - Wow Maggie, I’m so hungry now. These look amazing!

  • Brandi - Is that a burger with an egg on it?? I’m going TONIGHT!

  • Tim Tab - These are fantastic! All this food looks absolutely delicious. I’ll bet the restaurant was thrilled!

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