It’s kind of crazy — Day dreaming about what you want to do with your life and then eventually it becoming the real thing. I often look back at when I randomly announced to my family in 2008 that I , Maggie Fortson, wanted to become a photographer. For me, photography was about starting a new journey, discovering who I really was and what I wanted to become. Photography has taken the quiet and scared Maggie and transformed her through the wonderful gifts she has witnessed through the eye of her camera.

All of that to say, meet me. The girl behind the camera and what I love most about life.

A special thanks to , Joel Miller, for creating this video and capturing the real me.

  • Ok. Pretty much love this to death.

  • Tracy

    Maggie, I love this! You are my favorite photographer and will always be my favorite! I’m so blessed to know you and your family and how you’ve captured my girls with your wonderful photography as they continue to grow. We love you! Tracy, Jordi and Jen xoxo

  • Chan Mi Kim

    Maggie, this is one of the CUTEST Bio video I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this should go on TV as a commercial. Great work!!

  • Shawntae

    So cute!

Matt and Sarah are two people you meet and instantly think “Wow! What a cool couple!” Both being school teachers, they share the same passion and excitement for teaching. That is so awesome, right? How special that is to be able to share a bond in a major area of life! Not only are they wonderful together, they are awesome individually as well. Sarah completely lights up a room with her laughter and beauty, and Matt  has a sweet and calming presence to go with him contagious smile. No doubt you will be able to pickup on those things from just these photos alone.

Their session took place near their apartment in the city of Chicago. When Sarah and Matt mentioned that they wanted to start their session eating ice cream at one of their favorite parlors, I knew I was working with the right couple 😉 Their wedding will be next June, and I cannot wait for the chance to document them together again, as well as the ones they love most in their life. Enjoy!

Love this moment 😀

  • Robb Davidson

    GAAAHHH!!!! These are TERRIFIC! I’m really digging the nice detail shots of how they hold each other…and just how you show that in different perspectives! WICKED AWESOME MAGGTRON!

Back in July, a good friend of mine and I met for breakfast. My most favorite meal of the day (besides dessert!):)We had just finished chatting for about THREE hours and were headed out the door when she asked to take photos of me. I think the first words out of my mouth were, “Wait … me? (que hesitation) Uhm … Okay!”. So we did just that! We strolled around my favorite town and had a blast finding hidden gem locations and talking photography. I remember being amazed at how easy Alicia made it for me to be in front of the camera. She truly made me feel like myself, and we laughed for about 90% of taking photos:)

Thanks for these beautiful images, Alicia! You truly captured what I love doing best, laughing. Check out this girls beautiful work. Like, NOW


I love the way this business connects people. My mom was Emily’s realtor a few years back, and now it was my turn to not just work with Emily but now Matt:)We strolled out on a SUPER windy morning for a mini engagement session, and my time with them just did not seem long enough! The golden light was just perfect during their session time, and I love the sweet moments these two shared in front of the camera.

Emily is a dancer and Matt is a gymnast, so I love that they were up for being playful! You’ll see in the last photo:)I was pretty impressed!

  • So sweet and fun !

  • Christine Maioli

    Just absolutely gorgeous! Love u guys!

Marla and Jason are just plain adorable! It was a bit colder weather than we expected to photograph in but they were troopers! When Marla showed me that they had brought a fun prop to use for their save the dates (scroll down to see!), I was so excited! I love when a client thoughtfully plans for photos:)We started the session out near Lincoln Park Zoo and made out way over to the new honeycomb arch. I was so excited to finally use that structure for photos!

It was WONDERFUL meeting you both, and I hope you have a lovely wedding in Texas next fall:)