It happened again
. The streak of rained out sessions … grrrr!!!  The weather canceled this shoot about 3 times before it actually took place, but you know what? It was perfect the evening we finally made it out to shoot:)Kirsten and Keegan are adorable. I mean, look at them! I put them in front of my camera and that magic spark lit in each frame. You know what I am talking about, right? That moment when I know that if I put my camera down and walked away, these two would have no idea that I even left. They aren’t trying to pose for the camera … they just want to be themselves and let their love do the talking. Mission accomplished!

Keegan and  Kirsten just adore one another,  and that could not have been more apparent throughout this session. The way a couple looks into each other’s eyes can say it all. There are no words, but there does not have to be to convey what their eyes are telling one another. The little ways they held onto each other spoke volumes as well. They were encouraging and inspiring the love that was already there between them.

Their wedding is next summer at one of my favorite venues to photograph at, The Wilder Mansion. So excited to be there to capture your day, Keegan and Kirsten!