While editing images from Tiffany and Josh’s wedding this morning, I loved seeing the way they connected and how they brought out their love for one another by the simple things I asked of them during portraits. It completely inspired me to take the time to share how I work with couples and express what my goal is during that process, whether that be at an engagement session or on the actual wedding day.

I’ll be honest here, with being in this industry for several years now, there is always this pressure to think way outside the box and be original. It is always my goal to think and create creative imagery, but I also know that simplicity (my favorite word in regards to photography:)) inspires and speaks so much more when trying to evoke emotion. I will never be a photographer who puts a couple in a bizarre, unnatural pose because it was a trendy idea on Pinterest. Directing couples on how every part of their body should be in a photo does not allow them to focus on just BEING TOGETHER. I most certainly advise simple changes in hand placements, etc, but I try not to control a couple because they will not feel natural and may second guess themselves. Keeping my subjects confident is my goal each and every time! I always know I did my job when a couple expresses that they felt so comfortable and encouraged during their time with me.

Posing is a word I try to use very carefully. My style is to capture the romantic side of couples. I love the calm moments when you can really feel the love between the two people in the frame. When I think of what I want couples to do in front of my camera, I think about what they would do naturally on their own. I love hugs, so what greater connection than to capture that simple embrace? It is so natural, and I find that it expresses a strong connection.

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Another reason I keep my direction with couples simple and natural is because I have the opportunity to photograph a kiss, hug, etc in many ways. I find it beautiful to capture embraces, even without the entirety of the faces in an image. What it is implying creates a story and connection between the two people that I find just as powerful.


Every couple interacts in their own way. They know what makes one another laugh and how they have fun together, so I always want my subjects to be themselves. Think of your time for portraits as quality time together! I will put you in the best light I can find, ask you to interact as I guide you along, but I also ask my couples to do their part too. We are all in this together! Even when I ask a couple to just look at one another as they wrap their arms around each other, I fully expect giddy smiles. You’re in love, and you are looking into the eyes of the person you are going to marry. It is rare I do not see grins from ear to ear, and I love those images just as much as the “creative” images throughout the session too.


Lastly, I love using a scene to allow a couple to connect into their environment. I’ll have them walk together and just be as close as possible, which they never have a problem with:)